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RubinPingkAuthorRubin Pingk is an author/illustrator living the small town life in Clinton, Utah with his wife, two rowdy boys, a peckish pug and a scheming cat.

With two growing boys, Rubin tells a lot of bedtime stories and draws a lot of heroes, dragons, robots, ninjas, video game characters and, every once in awhile, a princess or two.

This makes Rubin a natural story generator.

Rubin’s illustrations are eclectic. He believes every story-world deserves its own quirks, style and flavor. To this end, Rubin dabbles in an assortment of illustrative styles.

Rubin’s illustrations can be categorized under two labels . “Crimson” is a graphic novel style for young adult  and adult readers, while “Licorice” is a playful style for picture books and little readers.

Rubin is the author of the Christmas book, Samurai Santa: A Very Ninja Christmas (Simon & Schuster 2015) and is currently working on his  second picture book at Simon & Schuster.

Rubin can be found tweeting art and other nonsense on Twitter and hanging his art on Facebook’s hallowed walls.

Rubin is represented by Carrie Hannigan at HSG Literary Agency.

Rubin isSCBWIBADGE a member of SCBWI. He can be found most Thursday evenings (9pm EST) on Twitter’s #kidlitart hashchat. If you would like to contact Rubin, use the contact form found here. 




sidebar2bAhoy hoy!

My name is Rubin. I love to write stories and make pictures. If you’d like to contact me directly, use the contact form below. If you’d like me to illustrate  or write a book, contact my literary agent, Carrie Hannigan, at HSG Literary Agency.

If you like Japan, Ninjas, Christmas, Santa, rapscallionism or happiness, check out my book Samurai Santa: A Very Ninja Christmas, out September 22, 2015 from Simon & Schuster.







Want to see how poorly I used to draw eyes (or hands or feet)? Journey into the wild, unrefined western expanse that is my former art blog.

I’ve left it intact for historical and educational purposes.

In an effort to improve myself as an artist, I’ve drawn every day for nearly 2000 consecutive days (as of mid June 2015).  Over the years, I’ve continued to improve as I’ve practiced, shared, and received helpful, actionable feedback from friends and peers.

Proceed with caution.

Rubin’s Old Blog.